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Mediator Bob Schrader is the person you  need when you feel that everything is falling apart with your deal or if you are involved in a lawsuit and need someone with a fresh perspective, creative and tenacious to help you reach a negotiated resolution.  Empathy, active listening, understanding, tenacity, determination, knowledge and creativity are just a few of the skills and traits he contributes to put you back in control the process. 

Bob's empathy and understanding comes from more than just representing parties, he has also participated as a party (both plaintiff and defense, personally and as corporate representative) in numerous domestic and international mediations ranging from thousands to over 100 million dollars.    He knows that a negotiated settlement is the best solution for all the parties and enables them to control the outcome of their case, rather than a judge, jury or arbitrator.  Mediation reduces the cost, stress, loss of productivity and time involved in litigation for everyone!

Bob owned and operated a successful hospitality business (tour/lodging/dining) for over 10 years and served in an executive capacity at a multinational corporation. In addition to his extensive commercial and international legal knowledge base, he brings to mediation a unique understanding of the stresses and concerns facing parties and their attorneys, management and employees, business owners and customers. 

Bob also has  twenty plus years of legal experience specializing in international trade and transactions, maritime and shipping law, real estate, travel and tourism law, immigration, US Customs, US export control, off-shore corporations and trusts, contracts, employment, federal and state administrative law.   Bob relates well with individuals from all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds having represented individuals from over 40 countries during his legal practice.

Bob also volunteers as a mediator through the Association of Corporate Counsel - Sheldon Rothstein Memorial Mediation/Conciliation Program in Massachusetts.

See Bob's Curriculum Vitae for more details.

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